We purchased another shell in the summer of 2011 with the intention of having it ready in case we had a major issue and had to reshell the rallycross car in a hurry. It is now the summer of 2012 and we have not done a thing with the shell so I thought, right, lets get on with it.   So here we are and I will keep updating with pics as we go along. The intention is to have it ready for next season (2013).

First job then was to strip it totally and find all the dreaded tin worm.  We borrowed a shell spit from a local rally driver namely Mark Simpson (and yes he is a distant relation) to make life easier. Considering the car is 24 years old, this is fairly solid and has the usual places starting to go, that is the front footwells, and rear arches.  So as of end of June 2012 this is it.



Ok so got a bit done in between racing at Mallory, painting Johns rally car, going on hols, repairing crosser after Mallory, keeping wife happy (Not easy!!)
Still a long way to go but some progress none the less.


How much underseal on a car, actually around 3.5KG, and took 4-5 weeks to remove.


Broken cross member captive bolt was no fun either.



OK so got the seat bars in, moved the brake master cylinder location 4" outwards so Clio servo will not hit inlet plenum.  Then got some primer in boot, in engine bay, under car and in cockpit area.


And then some paint on the primer areas, starting to look like a car again. But still a long way to go.


And then some paint on outside. Nothing like painting in winter in a shed, paint takes ages to go off.


Then start fitting some bits and get engine in.


Finally got the wings, bumpers and doors painted and fitted.

There is a test day 7 days from today, might be doubtful.  Round 1 is three weeks today, more hopeful for that.


Test day tomorrow, 03 March 2013,  well its on 4 wheels, it starts and runs.  Has some brakes and a clutch.  Will see how it goes tomorrow.




OK so test been and gone.  Car still in one piece and went well.  No great issues, just the odd niggle here and there but on the whole a good day and will be ready for round 1 at Lydden in 2 weeks time.



Small video from test