News and pictures from events 

in 2012

The first trip out in the new year was for Marc in his dads rally car at Croft on the Christmas Stages rally.

A good run out bringing the car back in one piece.


The next outing was for Gary in Johns car on the Jack Frost Rally with Marc co-driving.  My first attempt at a rally!

A reasonable day out, had fun but not the buzz of rallycross!


We then got asked to go to Lydden for a TV film session to promote Clubmans Rallycross.  Little did we know at the time what it was too involve and since the crosser had not been touched since Croft in Nov last year, we thought we'd better have her tidied up a bit.



Looks a bit better than it did before.


Then came the surprise, it was to be a Top Gear film day, with Clarkson, Hammond and May and rallycross. Couldn't get any better.







What a cracking day


John then decided that it was time he had a go in his own car, so he entered the Riponian Rally in February. Things could have been worse!

These were captured courtesy of Tony Boyes at Malton Motorsport Photography







No one was injured during the capture of these pictures!

Yet again we had a in car camera capturing the incident:


And so onto the first round of the 2012 rallycross season for both the British and the Clubmans at Lydden on 24 March 2012. We decided to compete in the BTRDA championship there and what a glorious day it was, lovely and sunny all day with loads of action.




Some in car from Heat 2 with Vince Bristow on 2 wheels round North Bend Hairpin:

A good day allround, qualified pole in A final and finished second after a battle with Vince, Ashley and Brian.


And then onto sunny Scotland for round 2 at Knockhill, and yes it was sunny!  Things went well up until the second heat when chasing Gary Cook hard over the loose we hit the hole hard and almost pulled the sump guard off.  We decided that it would be better to keep sump on bottom of engine so we called it a day unfortunately, as we could not afford to lose the engine.


Some video footage:

An early bath for us but we did get points as we had qualified for the front row in the A final with a Heat 1 win and second in heat 2. 19 points is better than nothing..........Just.


And then over to Northern Ireland for rounds 3 and 4 of the BTRDA Clubmans championship over the Jubilee weekend.  John was to drive on the Sunday and Gary on the Monday, as long as car survived. Yet again a dry weekend with no rain! and in Ireland!!!
John drove to a well deserved 3rd place on Sunday, a goood result as it was his first time in car this year.  Mon was going well with Heat wins and a front row qualifying place.  


Some in car footage from Sun when John was driving:

And on lap 2 of the final the engine mount gave way and let the engine move forward under heavy braking and cracked the sump.  Instant retirement.  Don't think this car likes me anymore!!!  Never mind, will get it repaired and be out again for Mallory.


So, got car repaired with no lasting effects or damage to engine and concentrated on the next round at Mallory Park in July which John was going to be driving.
John was keen to do well here and you can see how hard he was trying in practise, see below link. 


John qualified on front row for A final along with Vince Bristow and Gary Cook. It was going to be a hard run to first corner.  Footage from Heat 1 and Heat 2 here:  Mallory Heat 1 ,   Mallory Heat 2 .  

Unfortunately in the final some squeezing off the start line between the front row left John with only three wheels on his waggon and Dave Ewin took the fourth wheel for a trip round mallory under his Fiesta.



After Mallory we concentrated on getting Johns rally car sorted.  Sooty had already been wielding his large hammer to straighten some panels out and it was now about ready for some paint.  At the same time John decieded that he wanted the same suspension & front brake setup on rallycar as we have on crosser, so the parts for that were sourced then fitted.  The car was painted in the shed where we keep them and as Garys painting skills have improved with time (thanks to all incidents and damage and the need to spend no money) he threw some paint at the BMW, this was the new colour scheme.


Still awaiting some finishing off but looks better than it did after the Riponian earlier this year.


It had been a while since Gary had been out so he decieded to enter the last round of the British Championship at Croft on 27 Nov 2012 and the Grand Prix the next day.  Waking up on the Saturday morning to an unpleasant sight, snow!!  Anyway we bolted on the tyres with the most grooves in them and went out for practise and then heats.


On Saturday we finished 3rd in B Final, battling hard with Gareth Wood and a Belgian in an Astra for that place over the finish line.

On Sunday we finished with a Pole Position for B Final.  A win in the B put us on the back row of the grid for the Super National A Final.

With some spins, accidents and breakages we managed to overtake Mal Boyd in his poorly MR2, Gareth Wood in his supercharged 306, the Belgian Astra and Stuart Emery's driveless turbo 206 to take fourth place in the A Final.  A good result I think considering the damp and slippery conditions.


Pictures courtesey of Phil and Marcus Andrews at Rallyaround Photography.