Round 1 Mar 16/17 2013
We arrived at Lydden on the Friday evening, it was wet, windy and cold.   Saturday was same so we knew we would struggle for grip without a £1k's worth of Avons wets. 



Nevertheless we finished in A final, was not last, and it was nice also to have no damage, dry weather please for next round:).


Round 2 Mallory Park 14 Apr 2013

The weather looked a little more promising than it was at Lydden as we set up on the Saturday evening.  The circuit has previously had some issues with the loose sections digging up and excessive stone damage, hopefully cured for this year.

Heats went reasonably well with some good runs.


Heat 3 Super National In Car Camera.  Look out for stone removing wiper blade!

That saw us qualify 6th for the A Final, going better in dry.


A good start into 4th from line, then past Stu Emery as he lost gears into 3rd. Had a big fight to keep the pack behind tho, led by Gary Cook in the MG ZR.

Some footage from the event.

But really did not expect one of these at the end of the weekend, a great weekend for the whole team and our supporters there that weekend.

John washing car down after the Mallory event.


The next round was at Knockhill on Sun 15 May 2013, not famed for its dry and sunny conditions however there is always a first.

During a nice dry practise we thought today was the day!


It was not to be.  Wet and sticky was the order of the day.
Keeping Si Horton at Bay below.

Some in car from Heat 1 - 
Heat 1 Knockhill

Some in car from the difficult Heat 2 - 


In Car from A  Final - 
A Final Knockhill

We managed to keep car going in right direction long enough to collect another 3rd place.


On 02 June we headed to Mallory Park for the second time this year for round 4.  The sun shone all the way there and was forecast to stay out for race day also.  Sunday arrived and was a grand day, weather wise!

There was some dust about that made visibility difficult at times. 

In Car Heat 2

We qualified 5th in A Final, quite happy with that. On way to grid for A Final and warming the tyres a little for a good start, there was a bang and clattering at back end with no drive.  Game over :(
When diff was taken off and stripped down we found that the pinion had lost over half of its teeth with bits broken off the crown wheel also.
We managed to stay in second place though, unlikely to last for long.

Round 5 of the season was in Maasmechelen, Belgium. We had no intentions of doing this event due to the extra costs involved.  However, due being in second place in championship standings, and the likelyhood of this opportunity ever arising again we thought we maybe ought to put an entry in for Belgium.

The Duivelsberg circuit is a tight one that made getting the BMW round the three hairpins with a welded rear diff difficult, especially with 8" rear Avon slicks in 40 degree heat. Although socially we had a great weekend, we only got fourth in class, which was last as there were only four entries in our class.


Round 6 took us back to Lydden Hill for the Mayhem weekend? Every race weekend is mayhem so what was going to be so special about this one, BMX, FMX and the drifters were there also. Unfortunately it was not the singing group but some drivers just hell bent on destroying rear tyres the best way they could. Anyway with a strong 18 car entry for Super National we would struggle to make the A Final.



We made front row of B Final next to Ash, were never going to win that but tried anyway, ended up having a spin coming off Chessons and caught a track marker that broke radiator so I just pulled over, had better days :(


Round 7 was in Pembrey, we went to Jamaica instead.  Round 8 was at our home circuit of Croft on Tees incorporating the Grand Prix also.
On the Saturday was round 8 and it was unusualy wet!  It was between Gary Dixon and I for third place in the championship, it would be difficult to get 4 more points than Mr Dixon but we would try.



Heat 2 Rear face cam
A Final In Car
You can see what happened in the A Final when in 4th place chasing Gary Dixon, will have to try again another year.
The MSA British Rallycross Grand Prix on Sunday 20 Oct 2013.
With no classes this year it was everyone for himself and by the standard of driving, you would have thought that some lives depended on it!

A good win for Kevin Proctor, well deserved.
BTRDA 75th Anniversary meeting at Croft 24 Nov 2013.