Winter rebuild 2015/2016

As I write this it is now the end of June, the car has not seen the light of day this year yet. There has been some  minor issues with the new built engine, oil pump chain whip and rattle and also piston slap from the race pistons, the race van also had a head problem which has now been sorted.  My preparation time has also been reduced due to family illness's.

So this is where we are now, a tidy up of bodyshell and a lick of paint and the car looks good again, the race is now on to get back out at Lydden on Bank holiday Monday in August.

Got a bit more done over last week or so, checked rear wheel suspension travel and got some other bits painted and fitted.

I thought I would have a slight change of decals this year, if I decide I don't like it it can be changed for next year!


Got some wheels painted, tyres on and car on them for first time this year.  Car is booked for a dyno session next week to check map on ecu and make any necessary adjustments.  Will give it a run up and down lane this weekend to make sure all is ok.

So, we went to South Yorkshire today to Sheffield in fact.  Took the car to Sheffield Rolling Road for a dyno check, just to ensure engine was/is running ok with new internals spec, however, Chris was a little apprehensive of running a brand new build engine at 8K with no previous running in.  So we did 40 mins of running in on rollers.

Well that went ok, some usual issues with a RWD car on rollers, tyre slip, even with straps and a couple of hefty guys in boot!

We are up on the previous engines power even though it was only taken to 7K today, so as it beds in a will increase a little, looking forward to Lydden now:).

So we have an entry in for Lydden on Bank Holiday Monday, the car is ready so really looking forward to getting out for first time this year.

Lydden round 6

The idea for this weekend was simply to run the car and to get some more miles on engine before being able to run at 8k rpm. The Super National entry was strong as usual, with the S1600 cars also running with us! 
Q1 was ok, i missed Q2 as battery died, the alternator was not charging, found issue with exciter wire but also changed battery for a UK Battery supplied race version(thanks to Stu Emery & team). We were then out for Q3.  
Then into semifinal we battled with an ill handling rear suspension and Vince Bristow for 3rd and 4th place, both places however qualified for final.  We had to withdraw from final as I found the reason for ill handling, rear coilover hand punched its way through the top mount, then the firewall and was poking its head just below rear screen:(



A week later there was a test at Blyton with the BTRDA RX guys, having not being there for some years, in fact not since the cicuit layout has changed, I thought we would go and put some miles on engine.  I borrowed a spare race seat from Yuk Hodgson at Barton Hill, put some spare belts in and once car was repaired after Lydden we took off for Blyton.


The above two photos courtesy of Graham Dixon, of MB Motorsport fame, thanks Graham.

All went well, although Jan felt sick the first time out :),  a few things to tidy up and sort out and will be ready for Croft in October.

Round 8 Croft Oct 

The weather was fairly dry for the last round of the season's championship. We were just out for a jolly as we had not competed in the first 6 rounds.


Things weren't going too badly, but we snapped a throttle cable in heat 1:(

Then fighting for 3rd and 4th with Stu Emery in the Semi Final resulting in a visit to the gravel trap with a broken track rod end. That meant we did not make the final, oh well there's always tomorrow.


Croft GP October.

We did the same this year as we did last year, and that was to join the Retro's for the Sunday racing.  The weather was not as kind as it was yesterday, being more usual for the time of year.


Beating a 4wd MG Metro 6R4 in heat 1 was a little unexpected, although when we found out Mark was out on slicks then we not surprised.  The heats went fairly well and we were straight into Final.


After a tardy start in final I was on the outside all the way to the chicane where, with a dirty screen I missed my braking point and touched the Green and White Mini's back end, then ending up off line in all the plother. We came home last but still enjoyed the day.

BTRDA Final round Croft November.

The final round at Croft for the clubman series had a large entry, were in the historics catageory.  The weather was atrocious, raining all day and the loose was very slippery. The plan for today was to get to first corner first and then drive carefully to the flag with a clear screen.



The plan worked well, 3 heat wins and the a lights to flag run in A final for a win. Was pushed early on a final from Shaun in his mk2 escort, but when his wipers broke I was left alone.

So thats it for another year, now to clean all muck off and give car a thorough check over ready for next year.  Am planning a couple of changes over winter period but nothing drastic.

Wash time.

And start pulling it a part.