We took to Blyton for a little test in Feb, just to make sure all was well. It was so just a quick check over and we are ready for this new season.

Just ready for round 1 now.


And so to Silverstone in March for round 1 in the sun, much nicer than the snow, and icey wind of 12 months ago.

Here the keen ones are awaiting entry to the circuit.

Practise gave us a headache, after 2 laps the engine temps went up and the battery light came on??

I suspected the serpentaine belt had come off, however I found this:

The power steering pulley and its shaft was sat on sump guard, not a good start.  However, with the help from Steve Cozens crew and a belt from Bellerby Motorsport we managed to reconfigure a shorter belt to go round crank, water pump and alternator and not slip.

Heats went fine, up against some Group B cars but had some good racing.



We then made it to the final, and despite making an error going from 2nd to 5th instead of 3rd off start line, we ended up 5th, then Stuart Bowes spun the Mini and 4th was where we finished overall, that was 1st in Super Retro class tho :).

 Below is some footage by a spectator on a You Tube link

Next stop Lydden Hill on Easter Monday.


Lydden Hill in the sunshine on Easter Monday and rallycross, what more could you ask for. Maybe some of the old group B cars, well there was 6 or 7 of them also.

Out we went for practise and poor old girl was only running on 4 cylinders, it did manage 5 after 3 laps but that was it. A new set of plugs went in the we went for heat 1.


Heat 1 went well and we ended up fastest 2WD car and we lined up behind the Group B cars for heat 2 with Steve Cozens and Stewart Bowes. 


In heat 3 there was a coming together off the start and into Chessons, I had a good start and had the inside line, John in the Stratos had a couple of wheels on grass just behind me on inside. He caught the track limit markers and took the nearside front wheel off, Dave Halford in the Audi kindly collected the Stratos's front bonnet on his rear wing, he knew n othing of it though!


A small clip of incident.

There was a decision made at the start of the day that the Group B cars would have their own final as there was 6 of them, the 2wd cars then had the normal semi's and final.  I was pole for semi 1 and was able to finish first meaning pole for final.
A good start from pole and into first corner first, head down and try to get away from Steve Cozens who had been nibbling at my back bumper all day. Four laps later and we crossed the line and a waved chequered flag meant a first place. 

A youtube clip of Retro.

Today could not have been better, lets hope Pembrey in June goes as well as today has, but before then, we have an invitation to Silverstone for the World RX round in May.