The rebuild of the car over winter continues, New full bodykit fitted but not ready for paint yet and old 6 cyl engine and box is out and up for sale.

New engine is in place and crossmember is fabricated to take Escort MK2 rack and BMW engine and suspension.  Slight issue with exhaust downpipoe as it is right infront of steering column where it comes through bulkhead!!!!


Also had pedal box  out  for access to sort steering column. Has to move clutch reservoir as wastegate would be in way, also replaced clutch master cylinder at same time. This was the steering column issue.

So once this was sorted, easily done using a self aligning bearing flange block, the engine mounts were fabricated in steel as the original cast alloy ones are not only very expensive to replace but I was not convinced they could cope with the strains of offroad motorsport.

Then I put new dog leg first gearbox on after draining and refilling with Redline MTL oil, I had to make a gearbox mount as it is totally different from ZF one I used before.

So with the engine and gearbox now in actual position I could confirm correct position of steering column and the rack.  I also removed the old butchered slam panel as replacement ones are fairly cheap, I also decided to make it removable as it makes access to engine and engine removal so much easier.

Then it was time to take engine back out, clean up engine bay and throw a bit of paint at it.  Then I put some heat reflective material around the strut top area.

Engine back in and onto sorting slam panel before sorting radiator, intercooler and oil cooler.


Also sorted out a coolant header tank, could not use old one as there was no room as the external wastegate was now occupying that space.  Found a BMW Mini version fitted just in space on inner wing near air filter.

KMS MD35 ECU ordered and should be here next week, the I can get on and sort engine loom out and rest of wiring necessary.  Also ordered adjustable FPR and 3 bar map sensor, both of which are to fit in engine bay and wire in.

Made the front slam panel removable, as getting engine in and out is so much easier with it removed.  Then got intercooler, radiator and oil cooler all mounted.  With radiator in place it was obvious the position of the header tank was wrong. The top of the rad was 4 inches
above the top of the header so it will have to be moved, not sure where to though!  Got some wiring done, loom modified to take MD35 ECU plug, mini loom made for all gauges, starter and alternator wired up.  Got engine breather tank mounted.

Found a new home for header tank, it is now  next to brake servo.  Its a bit tight but I need the height.  Got ecu mounted, rad fan wired, just waiting for some 25mm silicon hose to finish cooling system off then I think we are about ready to fill with coolant.  Now just need fuel hose to arrive then I can fit FPR.