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Seeing how as I could not get to pub after christmas as we got moved up to tier 3, I looked into the options of adjusting of the 4 link bars and its effects on grip and handling.  There are gains to be made apparently, the standard kit is primarily intended for gravel spec rally cars as the parrallel bars give best compromise for squat and anti squat, castor change and roll steer, and being suitable for road use.

I thought that if I can improve traction off the line and improve traction generally then it would be a good thing.

Got tape out and started measuring to come up with a plan.

As the standard 4 link boxes have one lower hole and three upper holes, that means there is only adjustment available on the top bars.  There is only one upper and lower hole on the axle brackets so no adjustment there, yet.

I then found the approx centre of gravity for car which is 24" off ground and around 8" rearwards of gearlever, I could then plot the angle for the link bars for ideal setup depending on squat and antisquat.  Both squat and antisquat waste energy(power) by moving suspension either up or down but at zero squat and zero antisquat there is an increase in caster/roll steer during cornering so some compromise has to be made. 


So I made a start at the body boxes, the top ones have three adjustment holes so I made some extra for the lower ones.

 Now we have six to choose from, that should be enough.