Wiring Looms

We make new looms to replace the original fan and fuel pump wiring on the 3 Door Sierra, 4 door Sapphire and the Escort Cosworths. We also make one off looms for lift pumps to swirl pot, twin fuel pumps to rail, switching by either ECU or by switch on dash, please ask for details.

Radiator Fan Looms  

The older cars often have fusebox and/or wiring related problems that often make the fuse blow on a regular basis or has melted the fusebox.

This loom eliminates this problem by taking the feed direct from the battery to a pair of fused 30 amp relays and then to the fans. All relay switching is done by using the battery earth or negative. The relays have mounting tabs on them.

There is also an auxillary wire provided that can be run into car and connected to a switch that requires an earth feed. The radiator switch will still operate the fans whether the aux wire is used or not.  This wire allows the fans to be turned on before the switch activates them, i.e. on a track day, thus allowing you to run hard from the start and not having to worry about coolant temps.

Looms come as seen in photos below with brand new Valeo M22  two stage fan switch, the first fan is on at 84 degrees and off at 79 degrees, the second fan is on at 88 degrees and off at 83 degrees.  The aux switch, if used, is connected to the second fan. Also has the two fused relays, one per fan, auxillary in car fan switch wire(switch not provided) and a new set of connectors for fans.

All parts are brand new and the wiring is covered with the Pectel style black protective overbraid, all wires are labeled and looms are tested prior to dispatch.

They are sent by 1st class recorded post as a minimum but can also be collected.


Fuel pump looms

This loom is to ensure the fuel pump can get maximum battery voltage therefore able to supply fuel to injectors at correct pressure(alternator and battery condition dependant) 

Many of the 3 Dr'sand Saffs have an issue with the old tired wiring, where at high RPM and load there is not enough voltage at fuel pump therefore not providing the correct fuel pressure at the rail, where the engine may run lean and melt a piston.

Many engine tuners will certainly check the voltage and many will insist on rewiring the fuel pump before remapping or further tuning, this is often a lot dearer than one of these looms.

The loom takes its feed directly from the battery to a fused relay that is secured under dash near ECU.  The original ECU pump wire is used to switch this relay which then takes the feed straight to the pump.  No parts of the old loom are required meaning a totally new independent sub loom. All connections are labeled and is fully tested prior to delivery.

This loom is for the uprated aftermarket Bosch 0580 254 044 fuel pump with a M5 negative ring terminal and an M6 positive ring terminal.  Other sized connectors are available depending on your requirements.

Unfortunately the original Ford push fit connectors for the standard fuel pump are no longer available therefore we now cannot supply pump looms for standard pumps.